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The Best Sealing Wax on the Market

High Quality Wax

Every little substance we use to make our sealing wax is thoroughly tested, as well as the combinations between multiple ones, just to be able to give you the best wax we could possible create. So, our sealing wax is a mixture of shellac (a resin secreted by the female lac bug), rosin (a resin extracted from pines) and turpentine (a fluid obtained by distilling resin, also from pines). Later, in order to reach those amazing and vibrant colors we’ve been making you used to, we add some pigments and let it cool, hardening it. That’s the product you’ll receive at home, ready to be melted and turned into a strong and elegant seal.

Different Wax Shapes

Before choosing quantity or colors, the first decision you have to make is the shape of the wax – wax beads or wax sticks, although inside the latter there are two slightly different shapes. Wax beads are a little more practical, since you don’t have to cut them and can melt them without making a mess all over the place. Two or three should be enough for a good seal, while each bag brings 100 to 105 pieces. Wax sticks offer you a more authentic vintage look, more durability and sturdiness, with some of our offers even bringing elegantly carved engravings.

Variety of Vibrant Colors

As we mentioned above, in order to reach those beautiful colors, we just add colored pigments to our crystal clear wax, during the making of it. You can choose between 26 different colors, from red to blue, to green, white and others, even though that, inside the visible light spectrum, there isn’t really a limit to the number of colors we can create. That means that our team of product’s design is working around the clock to offer you more and more diverse options each week. You can also become the artist, mixing two, three or more different wax colors, in the melting process, to reach a more personalized and individual result. That way, you can make sure every letter you mail has a seal that represents you!

Our Amazing Range of Sealing Wax

If you’re looking for an addition to your sealing wax storage, firstly you must decide between Wax Sticks or Wax Beads, each one with its different characteristics, but with the same guaranteed quality wax.

In the Wax Sticks range we’ve got two offers. Firstly, the Sealing Wax Sticks – Box of 16 Wax Sticks in 25 Colors. Measuring 3.9in (10cm) in length and 0.3in (0.7cm) in diameter, these wax sticks are made of high quality wax, meaning you can effortlessly melt them in order to create a strong seal. The offer brings a box of 16 and the possibility to choose between 25 different colors, even giving you the option to get a mixed color pack. At a fantastic price you can spruce up your wax sealing with a variety of vibrant colors!

Secondly, the Sealing Wax Sticks – Vintage Wax Sticks in 26 Colors. Shorter, but thicker than the last wax sticks, you’re guaranteed the same quality present in every wax product we’ve got to sell. For just a couple bucks you can get one vintage-looking stick to match the retro mood wax sealing has to offer, still having the opportunity to pick one of 26 beautiful and lively colors. Take this craft to another creative level with this offer!

In the Wax Beads range we also have got two offers for you. Firstly, the Sealing Wax Beads – Bag of 100 Pieces in 24 Colors. Wax beads offer you a more effortless and cleaner melting, as well as a more easier way to store them. We suggest using 2-3 beads per seal and since each bag brings 100 to 105 pieces, you can make around 40-50 seals a bag. As if that wasn’t enough, you can still choose between 24 vivid and vibrant colors, from purple, to green, to white and many others.

Secondly, the Sealing Wax Beads – Bag of 100 Pieces in Mixed Colors is the more ideal offer for people who like to vary their seals and reach more diversely creative results. This deal also brings a bag of 100 to 105 of the same high-quality wax beads, but the colors are randomly chosen, meaning you’ll receive a rainbow pack of 1.19oz (34g) beads, ready to be melted and turned into a beautiful seal.

What You Get with Our Sealing Wax


Even though the main use of sealing wax, nowadays, is the vintage look it offers, in the old days it was used to know when thieves had opened and read important letters and documents, meaning the security aspect you wish to give your letters is also very important to us. That’s why we make sure our sealing wax can withstand a large amount of time and pressure so, when it arrives your hands and the seal is broken, you know it wasn’t an accident, but it was willfully opened by someone instead.

Excellent Value

Even though the manufacturing of our wax requires extreme attention and meticulous dosage, we’re able to give you a quality product, highly efficient, for an amazing price. If you work out the math, every seal you make will amount to pennies and nickels (cents, for our European costumers). That way, you can keep stocking up in sealing wax, even buying different colors to spruce up your projects, without having to break the bank.