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The Best Wax Seal Sticks on the Market

High Quality Wax

The quality of the wax you use when you’re wax sealing, besides having an enormous impact on the experience in itself, it also influences greatly the final result. If we’re talking about a lower quality wax there are some disadvantages on the table. Because of its brittleness, you’re going to have trouble cutting it; due to the untested, simpler and overlooked mix of materials, it won’t melt as well and consistently; lastly, after used and cooled off, the seal won’t be as strong as what you’re costumed to see with our products, and can be easily and unintentionally ripped. Those are all problems you won’t have to worry about when buying our wax seal sticks!

Tested Thoroughly

It’s not our company personality to offer you a product without it been meticulously tested and developed, because, in our opinion, the way to keep loyal costumers with us is to provide high quality products at affordable prices. That’s why, when developing these wax sticks, we made sure to test them throughout a variety of situations – how good it melted, how durable it was; how strong a seal it would create, and some other tests. To reach our top-shelf wax formula we mixed, in very precise dosages, shellac (a resin that that the female lac bug secretes), turpentine (distilled pine tree resin), rosin (regular pine tree resin) and last, but not least, vibrant colored pigments. We dint’ reached this formula by accident, but by pushing ourselves to give you the best we could!

Color Quality and Diversity

When working with wax sticks colors, there are two characteristics you deserve in every offer, no matter what – vibrant and vivid colors, as well as the option to choose from a diverse range. The best part? You’re guaranteed both features, here at WaxSealStore. On one hand, due to the quality of our colored pigments and the mixing process, our colors are amazingly lively, maintaining those beautiful tones even after melted. On the other hand, from pink, to yellow, to red, to black and much more, every wax stick deal you’ll see on our store always provides you a variety of different colors to choose from. That way, you can turn this enjoyable craft into a more personalized and individual one.

Regarding wax sticks, we’ve got two very different offers with at least one thing in common: high quality wax.

On one hand we’ve got the Sealing Wax Sticks – Box of 16 Wax Sticks in 25 Colors. These sticks have a slick and modern cylindrical shape, measuring 3.9in (10cm) in length and 0.27in (7mm) in diameter. This deal brings 16 equally-sized bars and gives you the option to choose between 25 different vibrant colors, but it doesn’t end there! For everyone who likes to celebrate creativity and enjoys mixing colors, we have also a mixed pack – 16 different colored wax sticks (randomly chosen), ready to be melted!

One the other hand, there’s the Sealing Wax Sticks – Vintage Wax Sticks in 26 Colors. Even though they’re made of the same wax, these sticks are a bit different from the last ones. Not only are they thicker and more rectangular, which gives them an extra sturdiness and durability, but they have these beautifully carved engravings that grant them that vintage look we love to see in wax sealing. Like the last ones, these sticks are just as easy and effortless to use – cut it and melt it. This offer gives you the chance, for just a couple bucks, to choose one of 26 amazingly vivid wax colors and own an efficient and elegant tool, today!

What you Get with our Wax Seal Sticks

Effortless Use

Some people are just entering the world of wax sealing and learning everything that comes with it. It’s probable that those people don’t have and might not want to spend that much money on a variety of accessories like molten spoons and wax melting pots. And, because we take pride in understanding the needs of our costumers, these wax sticks are so effective that you don’t really need a molten spoon to melt them. Just place a flame close by it, let it melt a bit and press you wax seal stamp on it. It’s that simple and anyone with a candle, a lighter or anything that has a flame, really, can do it at home!

Unmatched Versatility

Measuring around 4in (10cm) and weighing close to nothing, these wax sticks are amazingly portable. You can carry them anywhere you want, effortlessly, as well as pack them in some vintage-looking boxes, next to all your other wax sealing gear, without them taking almost any space at all. You just need to take a look at some of our costumer’s reviews to realize that, besides them seeing the practical advantages of such a portable tool, they also note that quality isn’t sacrificed to reach such handy and lightweight wax stick.

Amazing Price Tags

We know that, inside wax sealing, wax sticks are probably the thing you’ll buy the most, just because you’ll be drawn into this pleasant craft and before you realize it you’ve got no wax left. That’s why we make sure that you can continue enjoying it, without having to break the bank, meaning that our wax sticks, although being high-quality, come in an excellent value.