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The Best Wax Seal Pots on the Market

High Quality Materials

The best way to describe the components that make this product is an efficient and heat conductive metal inside, with a beautiful and sturdy wooden outside. This metal allows you to take a better advantage of the heat coming from the candle, as well as a more equal distribution around the spoon, eliminating the trouble of having chunks of unmelted wax. The wood creates a windproof structure and a place to sit your spoon, so you won’t have to hold it. As you can see, not only is each material (the metal and the wood) there for a reason, but they also visually pair extremely well, creating a genuine vintage look.

Expert Craftsmanship

Besides the old-fashioned style, this wax seal pot has a couple of amazing features, developed by our experts. First, the fantastic wood drilling, made on the sides, to allow some oxygen to come in and keep the flame alive. That way you can leave your wax melting without having to worry with the flame going off. You can notice how good those rounded edges match with the round structure of the pot in itself, giving it a more solid appearance. Second, the windproof function, meaning that it will be extremely hard for the wind to blow that candle out. Lastly, a special treatment on the wood allows you to use it how often you wish without having to worry with the inside getting blacked by the heat and turning these amazing pot into a more ugly and worn out one.

Vintage Look

When creating a product, specially for a craft like wax sealing, there must be always a fine balance between efficiency and looks. We receive as much feedback, from our costumers, talking about how good the product does as how good looking it is. That’s because we understand the vintage style we put on these tools help you reach a more satisfying and genuine experience of wax sealing and aid you in creating the mood that got you started in this craft for the first time. With a dark toned wood on the outside and a matching polished metal on the inside, it’s impossible too look at this wax pot and not feel that vintage antique feeling.

If you want a simpler and more efficient wax sealing, this offer is definitely on your alley. The Wax Melting Pot – Classic Wood & Metal Model is an amazing tool, created to aid you in your wax sealing, specifically in the wax melting process. Made of dark toned wood and high-quality metal, this pot will fit most molten spoons we sell here, at WaxSealStore, and get rid of the trouble of holding the spoon while the wax is melting. Similar to most products we sell, this melting pot combines features like a windproof function and hard to blacken wood with the vintage appearance of an old-looking tool. Measuring 1.5in (3.8cm) in height and 2.95in (7.5cm) in diameter, this small furnace has a too good of a price tag to let it slip through your hands! What are you waiting for?

What you Get with our Wax Seal Pots

Excellent Value

Even though wax seal pots are an extremely efficient and important tool in wax sealing, they can be seen more like an accessory of the craft, meaning you can create seals without this pot. Therefore, people will buy all the other more paramount products first and only then the wax pot. For that reason, we believe it was important to drop our pot’s price tags to encourage you to have a more immersive experience without having to break the bank. Trust us when we say that it’s extremely satisfying to receive feedback regarding our product’s quality, but also comments about the amazing prices and the fantastic opportunities we provide.


This efficient furnace does not only performs like a professional tool, but has also the advantage of being incredibly portable, only measuring 1.5in (3.8cm) in height and 2.95in (7.5cm) in diameter. Another big plus in the portability aspect is its lightweight – heavy enough to withstand wind and the weight of metal molten spoons, but not enough to turn its transport and storage into an annoying task. There’s a fine line between its weight and efficient, but we truly believe we’re offering you the best of both worlds. Some of our stylish kits even bring a box with some room for it, so why don’t you take advantage of this awesome feature and click that “Add to Cart” button.

Effortless Wax Melting

Only the ones who’ve been into wax sealing for a while notice the stress you put your pulse under when holding a molten spoon on a flame. Even though we’re just talking about some minutes at a time, if you’re working on a DIY project that requires a variety of different seals and colors, you must be constantly melting wax, making it hard to keep your work at the same time. This wax melting pot is here to turn everything easier and more effortless. Just place your spoon on the opening on the top (made to fit every molten spoon we’ve got), place a candle on the bottom, and let it melt.