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The Best Wax Seal Handles on the Market

High Quality Materials

Our wooden handles are all made of two different woods: rosewood and beech wood. The first is a richly hued timber, exported from a variety of places like Brazil, Indonesia and India. Besides its amazing durability and beautiful darker tones, this wood is known for its strong, sweet smell, persisting through years, even after being cut. That way, not only do you get a good-looking and durable tool, but also one that fills your office with a pleasant and exotic smell. The second is a harder, stronger and heavier wood, even though it has more lighter tones. It offers a warm feeling and it has a high shock resistant, guaranteeing you a life-lasting tool with some vintage-looking tones.

Crafted by Woodturning

Woodturning is an ancient technique, dated to 500 AC, used by a variety of civilizations, like the Egyptians and the Romans. Simply putting it, you place a large chunk of wood in a rotating machine and, using hand-held tools, you carve it into the shape you want. Because of modern and automatic machines, this technique has loosed its strength and coming across skilled wood turners has become increasingly harder. Despite that, we believe it’s the best way to reach perfect results, mainly because there’s a human sensibility and attention to details, allowing each piece to be unique and maintain its comfortable grip.

Vintage Style

Wax sealing can’t just be a mean to an end. The experience in itself has to also be rewarding, and that’s why we make sure to bring that vintage look to our tools. That way, you can go through all the process of melting the wax and pressing the stamp with tools that really go well together and create an authentic ambient. Imagine showing your friends this set of tools, in your office, next to a big bookcase or an old-looking globe – it’s all about creating a mood. With these wooden handles, not only do you get that polished wood and comfortable feeling, but also a tool that you’ll definitely want to keep on display!

Our Amazing Range of Wax Seal Handles

The Wax Seal Handle – Retro Wooden Handle with Metal Screw in 2 Designs is an amazing offer you can’t miss. For a low price tag, you can have this light colored, wear-resistant rosewood handle. With a screw on one end, you can easily mount every stamp head we’ve got and you can still choose between 2 different handles, varying in shape and size. The first measures 3.15in (8cm) and is more round, while the other measures 2.17in (5.5cm) and has a more cylindrical shape to it.

Another great deal is the Wax Seal Handle – Classic Wooden Handle with Metal Screw. Also with a fantastic price tag, this handle measures 3.14in (8cm) in length and 1in (2.5cm) in diameter and is made of durable rosewood. Due to our usual screw system, not only can you easily mount in every stamp head you wish, in a matter of seconds, but you can do it how often you wish without having to worry with the metal getting rusty or wobbly. Finally, we couldn’t let you go without mentioning the amazing comfortable grip this woodturning handle offers you.

What you Get with our Wax Seal Handles

Different Shapes and Sizes

Product personalization has been an increasingly goal in most companies, mainly because people don’t just want products anymore, but instead they want something they can say it’s theirs and only theirs. That’s why we’ve got handles that are shorter, longer, more cylindrical or more rounded. There’s one for every taste, allowing you to, not only have a tool that looks good, but also one that feels great and unique. Wax sealing will no longer be an uncomfortable and tiring task between you and a crafty project, but an enjoyable and comfortable experience that leads to elegant results.

Amazingly Low Price Tags

Even though our handles all are made by woodturning - a human technique that requires time and manpower - you won’t realize that by looking at our prices, mainly due to the fact that we financially balance, as well as we can, every characteristic in our products. That way, we can maintain the high level of quality you’re used to when you shop here, at WaxSealStore, but also the prices you deserve, in order to keep this craft we all love alive and popular!


Ranging from 2.17in to 3.14in (5.5cm to 8cm), our handles are not only a portable product, easily carried and stored away, but, due to their metal screw on one end, you can effortlessly unscrew the stamp heads for a simpler storage. We want you to be able to carry them wherever you wish, be to your work, to your home or to some other place, without having to worry with not having enough space for everything.


Imagine you’re decorating your kid’s party invitations with cute animal wax seals and you need to send an important document with that elegant fleur-de-lis seal you love. Effortless seconds are between those two tasks – just unscrew the first stamp and screw the second. Due to these handle’s durable and high-quality metal screws, you can change stamps how often you wish without having to worry with signs of wear and tear or any rust whatsoever.