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The Best Wax Seal Spoons on the Market

High Quality Materials

Be a sturdy metal or a comfortable wood, there isn’t a material on these products there isn’t specially chosen to offer you the most efficient, sturdy and beautiful spoon for melting wax. The all metal model is made of stainless steel for three big reasons: first, it offers a distinguished antique look to it; secondly, its hardness gives it an increased durability, meaning you can drop it as often as you wish, without even a crack; lastly, stainless steel is one of the worst heat conductive metals, meaning you can melt your wax on a flame, without burning your hand on the handle. The wooden models are made of different kinds of wood, giving you a diverse range of handles, even though there’s some things they all guarantee you, like a vintage polished wooden design and an amazingly comfortable grip!

Beautiful, Comfortable Handles

Our job here is to create products that will give you the most enjoyable experience, so when we’re thinking about molten spoons, a comfortable grip is of the utmost importance. No one enjoys having to hold an awkward handle, even if it is for just a couple of minutes, mainly because it can cause, ultimately, sore hand and pulse muscles. Be rosewood or stainless steel, you just have to take a quick peak at our costumer’s reviews to realize our molten spoons are as comfortable as they could be!

Heat Resistant Handles

We can’t expect you to buy our products if we don’t figure out every detail of its utilization, meaning that when we developed our molten spoons, one of the first things we realized was that we couldn’t use a heat conductive material. Just imagine grabbing the handle after leaving the spoon on a flame for a couple minutes and burning your hand on it! For that reason we decided to use stainless steel on our metal model – one of the worst heat conductive metals – and wood for our more simpler models.

Our Range of Wax Seal Spoons

Regarding Wax Seal Spoons, we’ve got 2 amazing offers waiting for you!
If you’re looking for something more practical and modern, but that still maintains a subtle vintage look, the Wax Seal Spoon – Classic Wax Melting Spoon in 7 Designs is the offer for you! The great aspect of this deal is the option to choose between 7 different designs, be the shape (flat, cylindrical, rounded and others), material (wood and metal), and color of the handle, as well as the color of the spoon in itself (silver and gold). But trust us, whatever model you choose, you’re guaranteed a sturdy and beautiful molten spoon, capable of withstanding hot flames and melt your wax, efficiently!

If you’re someone who enjoys the fine art of matching the looks of the tools with the ambient created by this antique craft, the Wax Seal Spoon – All Metal Vintage Wax Melting Spoon is the one and only deal for you. An all metal, amazingly beautiful molten spoon, with an exceptionally detailed vintage craftsmanship and a very retro-looking dark gold color. Just imagine it right next to your wooden and brass wax seal and try to say to yourself it doesn’t fit perfectly in that image – pretty hard, no? Even though it’s all made of metal, you don’t need to worry with the heat burning your hand while holding it’s handle, due to its lack of heat conductivity properties. We can almost read your mind - such an exquisite piece must have a big price tag… Not at all!

What You Get with Our Wax Seal Spoons

Vintage Looks

People who have been into wax sealing know that it isn’t just placing a wax seal on something and that’s done. There’s a nice and enjoyable feeling to the experience of melting the wax, choosing your seal, gently pressing it on the melted wax and then decorate whatever you wish. That feeling is also partly created by the vintage look of the tools you use, almost transporting you to an older time. That’s the main reason we don’t mind spending a bit of our time in offering you tools that appear authentic and genuine.

Diverse Range of Designs

We believe you have the right to find a spoon that perfectly matches your set and that’s why we offer you such a diverse range of molten spoons. More vintage or more modern, each spoon belongs flawlessly in different settings and you have the chance of finding the one that best suits yours! If you have a beautiful wooden box and wax seal, why don’t you go for one of our wooden models? Maybe you have a more antique, dark set – that’s the perfect match for the all metal molten spoon! And we still got more spoons for more personal tastes so, instead of choosing one, why don’t you let it choose you?

Fantastic Prices

Even though we’re not talking about normal spoons, but molten spoons, just by looking at these prices you couldn’t tell the difference! Our excellent values reflect our desire in offering you a specialized tool, with all the important characteristics that it should have - like heat resistance, durability and expert craftsmanship - for a more than fair value. One of the best feedbacks we like to receive, from our costumers, is someone thanking us for letting them take on such an interesting craft, with quality tools, without having to break the bank!