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The Best Wax Seal Stickers on the Market

Effortless to Use

Not everyone has the same time or will to go through the whole experience that is wax sealing. If you’re one of those people, these stickers are the perfect offer for you! This amazing product is here to give you the results of wax sealing, without the tiring process of cutting the wax, waiting for it to melt, pressing the wax seal on it and placing the seal on whatever you want. To reach close results (even though it will never look as authentic as wax seals), you just have to peel it off and stick it – it’s literally child’s play. Mere seconds are between you and a spruced up invitation, or an elegant letter.

Made with Real Wax Seal

All of our stickers are made with real wax seal so everything from the colors to the texture, size and design is just like the real deal. Actually, it’s not that easy to distinguish these wax seal stickers from real wax seals. The main goal of these stickers is to offer you the results of wax sealing, without all the work or mess. You just have to look at our pictures and our costumer’s reviews to see how fantastic our wax seal stickers really are!


Wax sealing is a pleasant craft, but everyone seems to forget how messy it can get in the end, mainly because you’re working with melted wax. Be the spoon where you melted it, the wax seal you used or that little piece that dropped on the table, there’s always something to clean up. Not here! The only thing you have to clean up with this product is the adhesive part that you peel the sticker off, even though, honestly, that’s hardly any cleaning. Say goodbye to the boring part of wax sealing and hello to the amazing seals you can pull of with these deals.

Our Range of Wax Seal Stickers

We’ve got three amazing offers for you, differing mainly in designs, colors and quantity of stickers.

Firstly, take a look at the Wax Seal Stickers – 6 Beautifully Written Designs in Random Colors. Six Beautifully sentences like “For you”, “Miss You”, “My Friend” and others, in an elegant handwritten style for an amazing price. These stickers measure 1.18in (3cm) in diameter and the colour is randomly chosen. One of its big features it’s the effortless use if offers you – you just have to peel it off and stick it wherever you want. Not only is it a very good copy of a real wax seal, making it hard to spot the differences, but is also amazingly cheap, turning this offer into one you just can’t miss!

Secondly, and if you like to personalize your own projects, the Wax Seal Stickers – Custom Designs Available in 23 Colors is perfect for you. Be your name, initials or any important date, there’s over 150 different and stylish templates to choose from, allowing you to make this sticker unique and very personal. Measuring around 1.3in (3cm), you’re guaranteed the same high quality stickers as the last deal, making it pretty hard to differentiate between these and authentic wax seals. There’s still a few options you must make, before you buy it. Not only can you choose between 23 vibrant colors, but we’re also giving you the choice to decide the number of sticker you want (between 10 and 1000).

Lastly, a simple but extremely elegant botanic sticker – the Wax Seal Stickers – Botanical Leaf Design in 23 Colors. Roughly the same size than the last ones, these stickers have a clean and fancy leaf design, perfect for every occasion, from wedding invitations to important documents. Easy-to-use (just peel it off and stick it wherever you want), you can choose one of 23 vivid and beautiful color, like gold, green, silver and others. You can still select how many you would like to purchase, the quantity varying between 10 and 1000 stickers, all at a fantastic price.

What you Get with these Wax Seal Stickers


A big feature we’re giving you with this stickers is the option to customize your initials, your name, or even an important date on it. From over 150 different templates, you can choose the design you wish, the info you want on it and the colors you want it to be. This way, you can get you own unique sticker and personalize your letters, invitations, documents and others at your own taste.

Amazing Deals

If you have already browsed through our offers you know what we’re talking about. Not only have we got deals for simpler projects – like sprucing up some letters or important documents, where you’ll probably need between 1 and 10 stickers – but we also have for much more complex tasks – like big parties and wedding invitations, where you might need around 1000. Here, at WaxSealStore, and specially on our stickers range, there’s an offer for every situation, even though there’s a common feature in every deal – elegant, high-quality stickers!

Fantastic Prices

It doesn’t matter who our client is, because we treat everyone the same. Maybe you’re a company who need a large quantity of stickers for some project, or maybe you’re just a guy who loves seals without the time to dive into this craft. The thing is, every offer is thoroughly though out, in order to benefit every type of costumers we’ve got, bringing you always the prices you deserve!