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The Best Wax Seals on the Market

High Quality Materials

We could go in one direction and get you realistic antique wax seals, but that means we would have to sacrifice durability and sturdiness. We could also go in the other direction and choose the best and most robust materials, but that also means these wax seals would loose that vintage look that suits them so well. That’s why we decided to go in both directions and reach a compromise. The handles are usually rosewood or beech wood, durable and beautifully crafted, while the stamp heads are made of gold plated brass, combining that classical appearance with an amazingly efficient and hard materials.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Wax sealing is an antique craft, which origin’s date to the 33rd century BC. These past couple years it has been gaining fans, all around the world, marveled with the vintage look it offers arts and crafts projects, as well as simple documents, letters, invitations and others. Now, we know that it’s possible to reach those old-fashioned styles with modern-looking tools, but we also know that, for people into wax sealing, the process is as enjoyable as the results. That’s why our wax seals are made of beautiful wood and gold plated brass, crafted into elegant vintage designs. Only that way you can reach a much more realistic wax sealing experience.

Diverse Range of Stamp Designs

This is where the sky is the limit for us, here at WaxSealStore. An enormous and extremely diverse range of stamp designs are one of the top goals we’ve got, and we’re proud to say we’ve been reaching that target for the past years. From animals to geographical designs, to letters, sentences and much more, these products are almost custom made, due to the quantity and diversity of our offers. Even though we have a big focus in creative designs, you’ll notice that durability and efficiency are also on our agenda, meaning these brass stamp heads are also an investment, instead of a one-off purchase.

Our Amazing Range of Wax Seals

Sharing the same amazing price tags and the fantastic wooden and brass wax seals, the only differences in these offers are the stamp head designs. You’ve got a tough decisions ahead, since we’ve got an incredible variety of different stamp drawings.

Firstly, if you’re an aficionado of words and letters, there are three offers suited for you. The Classic Letter Designs - from A to Z, all in a beautiful classical font; the Modern Letter Designs - also with every letter from the alphabet, but in a more modern font; and the 5 Written Designs – sentences like “Thank You”, “With Love” and others, in a hand-written style.

Secondly, we’ve got 4 offers for the nature enthusiasts. The 8 Leaf Designs – clovers, feathers and others, all creative and simple designs; the 21 Nature Designs – our most varied offer, with a diverse range of charming nature-relating drawings; 6 Flower Designs – from sunflowers to olive wreaths and others, these cute designs will turn every boring letter into a more elegant one; and the 3 Fleur-de-Lis Designs – with a lot of catholic connections, these lilies are simple but powerful, perfect for more important documents.

Then, and because diversity and creativity are key aspects in our work, there are more 6 offers to choose from. The 6 Geographical Designs – with graphics of wind roses, continents and others, give your documents an elegant vintage look; the 23 Animal Designs – cats, rabbits, birds and more, if you’re an animal lover, this offer is for you; the 12 Mystical Designs – bring out the occult in you and decorate whatever you want with these mysterious designs; the 6 Crown Designs – if you want to add some class, elegance and royalty to your letters, packages or craft projects, this offer is what you need; and lastly, the 23 Mixed Designs and the 23 More Mixed Designs – more and more creative and fascinating designs, guaranteeing you at least one perfect stamp for every occasion!

What You Get with Our Wax Seals

Universal Fit & High Quality Prints

Screw it or unscrew it – with these two simple tasks you can easily and quickly mount every stamp head in every wax seal handle, wasting no time whatsoever in your arts and crafts projects. Even though it’s effortless, our screw system is amazingly durable and can withstand a lot of constant use, without even showing signs of wear and tear.

Beautiful, Comfortable Handles

Do you want to know the secret of our amazingly comfortable handles? One simple word – woodturning. This craft consists in using a machine that rotates a large chunk of wood while using hand-held tools to skim the excess wood and give it the shape you wish. Each year that passes by, it’s more hard to find skilled wood turners, but we know that this human craftsmanship and attention to details is what makes our handles offer you such an enjoyable grip and, ultimately, a better experience.

Fantastic Prices

With unusual products, like wax seals, it’s hard to set a standard price that companies all around the world will follow. Because of that, it can be frustrating and confusing when you see completely different price tags for the same products. One thing we can guarantee you here, at WaxSealStore, is that we have an appreciation for the art of wax sealing, meaning that we want this antique craft to reach the spotlight once again. Even though we need to remember we’re still a business, to be able to revive this art, we have to cut as many margins as possible, giving you the products you want, for the prices you deserve!