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Wax Seal – 8 Leaf Designs, Wooden Handle & Brass Stamp Head


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Wax Seal – 8 Leaf Designs, Wooden Handle & Brass Stamp Head

From banking to cosmetic packaging and much more, this wax seal stamp is an amazingly sturdy and efficient tool, ready to give that vintage look your office deserves.

  • Comfortable Wood Handle
  • Durable Brass Stamp Head
  • 8 Leaf Designs

A comfortable wooden handle and a sturdy gold plated brass stamp head make this 3.4in (90cm) wax seal stamp into a durable tool you just can’t miss.

Coming in 8 different, but beautiful leaf-related designs, you’re just a few bucks from owning it! What are you waiting for?

What you get:

  • 1 x Wax Seal Stamp

Size: Stamp head + handle length is 90mm/3.54″, Stamp diameter: 25mm/0.98″ Thickness 5mm/0.2″

Additional information

Weight0.05 oz
Dimensions9 × 3 × 9 in



Wax Seal (Handle + Stamp Head)


Wax Sealing


Wooden Handle + Gold Plated Brass Stamp Head

4 reviews for Wax Seal – 8 Leaf Designs, Wooden Handle & Brass Stamp Head

  1. Sharon S.

    Beyond happy with this purchase. Such a fast delivery and free shipping on top of it all! The materials are excellent, all the details are clear. Highly recommended.

  2. Roger T.

    Super high quality, diameter about 2,5 cm. Fantastic design and the handle and stamp are both solid. Also got a bag of wax sealing beads from the Wax Seal Store, they’re excellent as well.

  3. Debbie Jackson

    Came very very quickly and love the seal. Got myself a bag of 100 wax beads too from the waxsealstore, they’re fantastic too!

  4. Ray Ester

    I am really very happy with it, absolutely beautiful. It is really good material and the craftsmanship is stunning.

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