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The Best Wax Seal Beads on the Market

High-quality Wax

Something we’re very proud of is that both the wax sticks and the wax beads are all made of our amazingly high-quality wax – a mix that has been tested thoroughly by our team of researchers. It’s a mix between shellac (a resin secreted by the female lac bug), rosin (a resin extracted from pines), turpentine (a fluid obtained by distilling resin, also from pines) and color pigments. This way, you’ll get wax beads with vibrant and beautiful colors that are easy melted and become brittle when cooled, meaning you’ll notice if someone broke the seal of one of your letters or documents.


Sometimes, with wax sticks, things can get a little bit messy, just because you’re working with a long 4in (10cm) stick. The great thing about these wax beads is that they’re are so small, measuring less than 0.4in / 1cm in diameter, that you can easily melt them (we suggest you do it on a molten spoon – if you don’t have one we’ve got some offers for you, here at WaxSealStore), without making a mess all over the place. Just put 2 beads in a spoon with a flame below it and let them melt. Then you just have to press your wax seal on it and press it again wherever you wish to put it. Quick, effortless and, as we stated, mess-free!

Beautiful Colors

Purple, red, blue, white, neon green, pink, gold, etc.. We could go on, but we think you got the gist of it. There’s a diverse range of wax bead colors to choose from, all vibrant, lively and colorful. Right now there’s 24, but our team of developers, here at WaxSealStore, is increasing that number, each week, with new and more creative pigments that will lead to more choices for you! Also, since they’re wax beads, you can join two different colored beads, melt them together and create your own tones! Imagine having the opportunity to spruce up your documents, letters or arts and crafts projects with a variety of different colors – actually, with these offers, you don’t really have to imagine!

Our Range of Wax Seal Beads

We'v got two amazing offers: one for more straightforward people and the other fore more adventurous folks.

The first is the Sealing Wax Beads – Bag of 100 Pieces in 24 Colors. 100 to 105 beads in each bag allows you to create around 40 to 50 seals, making this deal a great one! You can choose between 24 different, but vibrant colors, and start sprucing up your arts and crafts projects! Every little bead measures less than 0.4in (1cm) in diameter, weighs close to nothing and is made of high-quality wax, meaning you can effortlessly melt it and create a powerful seal!

For people who like a surprise, the Sealing Wax Beads – Bag of 100 Pieces in Mixed Colors is the perfect offer! It brings the same high-quality wax beads for the same fantastic price, with the major difference of the colors being randomly chosen (between a range of 24 vibrant ones) and mixed into a fantastic deal! They all come inside a plastic bag, safely packaged, ready to be melted and turned into elegant and creative seals, wherever you wish to to put them!

What You Get with Our Wax Seal Beads


We’re not kidding about portability when we talk about our wax beads, but don’t let yourself also be fooled by their size and weight – these beads are very powerful and high-quality! One deal brings a bag of around 100 to 105 pieces, each piece measuring less than 0.4in (1cm), and weighing close to nothing! That way, you can carry and storage them wherever you want without them taking almost no space at all. Just grab 2, melt them and start your wax sealing. If you can’t find the perfect place for them remember that most of our wax seal kits also bring some stylish boxes with space for every tool and accessory of this craft.


In the old days, wax sealing was used mainly to know when thieves and spies had opened important letters and read sensitive information. Then, for a long time, due to the increasingly security offered by post carriers and package distribution companies, that craft has become a little obsolescent. Nowadays people like to use it more because of its aesthetic value than its security aspect, even though we believe this art still maintains an important protection function. That’s why our wax beads, after being melted, turned into a seal and cooled off, become very brittle – to let the recipient know if someone opened whatever the seal was protecting – but not brittle enough to break accidentally while being carried.

Excellent Value

You just need to read some of our costumer’s reviews to realize we’re known here, at WaxSealStore, for our amazing price tags and these wax beads deals are no different! Even though we’ve got low prices, if you still think they’re a bit off your budget, just stop thinking about these offers as a one-off purchase and start looking at them like long term investments! If 2 or 3 beads are enough for a solid, good-size seal, each bag gives you the opportunity to create around 40 to 50 seals, all for just a couple of bucks. These way, you can dive in, head first, into these satisfying and enjoyable craft without breaking the bank!