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The Best Wax Seal Kits on the Market

High Quality Materials

Just because we’re working with packs of various products don’t you think we’ll sacrifice quality for quantity. Every product we offer you, in our kits, has the same quality seal regarding materials - be the vintage rosewood handles, the sturdy gold-plated brass stamp heads, the high-quality and vibrant wax sticks, the smooth ribbons, the efficient candles or the durable molten spoons. A team is only as strong as its weakest player and, in a kit, the line of thought is the same. Because of that, we make sure every little aspect of this kit is well though, tested and produced, meaning you’ll receive only the best we could get you!

Stylish and Secure Packaging

You deserve more than just high-quality products at a fantastic price. When talking about kits, having a sturdy package is of the utmost importance, not only to protect the delicate content during travels, but also to offer you a safe way to storage everything so nothing gets lost or broken. We also thought that focusing all our efforts in making just a sturdy box wouldn’t be enough for you, mainly because our products and the actual experience of wax sealing emanate such a vintage vibe that it wouldn’t make sense to just have plain looking boxes. That’s why we also tried to reach that retro look, be with polished wood and engravings or with a beautiful book-like design.

Unbeatable Price

Simply put, you won't find a better "value for the price" combination anywhere else.

Our Amazing Range of Wax Seal Kits

Whether you want a simple or more advanced solution, we’ve got kits for every price range and taste.

Starting with the Wax Seal Kit – Mini Box Set with Wax Seal & Wax Sticks, this is an amazing offer that brings the essentials for enjoyable moments of wax sealing. Inside a 4.5in x 2.7in (11.4cm x 6.8cm) stylish and sturdy blue box, you’ll find two amazing products. On one side, a durable, wooden and gold plated brass wax seal and on the other a high-quality wax stick. You can still choose between 6 different stamp designs, varying from “For You”, “Love”, “Miss You”, and others, all in an elegant hand written typography. You’re a spoon and a flame away from diving in, head first, into this amazing craft!

If you’re looking for a more complete kit and you don’t mind spending a little more for it, take a look at the Wax Seal Kit – Classic Box Set with 1 Wax Seal (A to Z), 3 Wax Sticks, 2 Candles & 1 Spoon. As the name states, there’s everything you need to in there to create your wax seals, all inside an elegant brown book-like box. First, our usual wood and brass wax seal, with the possibility to choose a letter in a classical font, for your stamp design. Next, 3 high-quality, vintage-looking wax sticks (red, gold and silver). Lastly, there’s a stylish molten spoon and two candles, giving you the opportunity to start wax sealing the moment you open your package!

If you want something that gives a more vintage vibe while offering you a more diverse variety in the stamp designs and wax color, the Wax Seal Kit – Premium Wooden Box Set with Wax Seal, Wax Sticks, Spoon, Candles & More is the perfect deal for you. The first big difference, from the last one, is the amazing box where everything lays - a sturdy wooden outside, with some nice engravings and a soft cushioned inside. Next, you’ve got the same quality wax seal and 3 sticks, only this time you can choose between 23 different wax colors and your initials, name and date in over 80 different stamp designs. Lastly, there’s a more retro looking molten spoon and two candles.

Finally, the Wax Seal Kit – Ribbon Box Set in 6 Colors with 1 Wax Seal, 2 Wax Sticks & 20 Ribbons. Take your wax sealing projects to a whole new level with this stylish ribbons. With 6 colors to choose from, this kit brings the regular, high-quality wax seal, 2 sealing waxes and 20 ribbons, as well as one stamp sample. All perfectly tucked in inside a 5.7in x 4in (14.7cm x 10.4cm) sturdy and cushioned box.

What you Get with our Wax Seal Kits

Everything You Need in 1 Package

Some kits are simpler and others more complex, but if you chose the latter ones you’re guaranteed to have everything you need in order to start wax sealing. You’ve got wax sticks you can cut and melt on our sturdy molten spoons with a candle underneath it (also in the kit!). Then, just screw the brass stamp head on the wooden handle, gently press it against the melted wax and press it again wherever you wish. Finally, if you want that extra spruce feeling, just add a ribbon on it! All safely and nicely packed inside a vintage-looking box. What else do you need?

Extra Discount Prices

A lot of companies will boost the prices when selling kits, with the argument that there’s an easiness and convenience in having all the products you need in just one offer. Sometimes, it gets ridiculous to the point of kits costing more than buying the products, separately. Here, at WaxSealStore, we think kits are just a way of easing you in the amazing craft of wax sealing, giving you the simple possibility of not having to research and look through a lot of individual product offers and settle with a pack full of quality products. That way, we cut margins as deep as we can, giving you the product you want, for the price you deserve!